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Psychic Couple - Chuck & Jen Bezio

We have been together for over 25 years as a couple, many years prior as best friends.  We use our God given skills to provide meaningful Psychic readings to all our clients.  As psychic mediums we use our inherited abilities as well as our experiences and skills to provide intuitive Psychic readings. We practice all forms of divination, Numbers, Tarot, Astrology, Dreams, Totems, Spirit Guides, Spirits, Astral Travel, Exit Points, Chakras, Life Themes, Out of Body Experiences, Tools of Protection, Tulpa, Palmistry etc. 

The Psychic Couple is part of the Society for Spiritual and Paranormal Research: founder Psychic Couple - Chuck Bezio.   

Scoiety for Spiritual & Paranormal Research

Psychic Couple's Biographies

Chuck Bezio, Founder of the Society for Spiritual & Paranormal
Research, Spiritual and Paranormal Consultant, Gnostic Christian, Psychic Medium

Studies the work of Sylvia Brown, Edgar Cayce, John Edwards, James Van Progg, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Joel Osteen, Joyce Myers, Ed Young, World Religion, Cultures & History.
Life Theme: Analyzer and Humanitarian. 
Primary Spirit Guide: Veronica.
Secondary Spirit Guide Jose 
Totems: crow, eagle, dog, hippopotamus, elephant, turtle, owl.
Experiences with orbs, imprints, Akashic Records & Infused Knowledge.
Facebook Profile:  Chuck Bezio

Jen Bezio, President of Society for Spiritual & Paranormal
Research, Spiritual and Paranormal Consultant, Psychic Medium, Gnostic Christian
Student of Akashic Records known to me as “common sense”. Crystal Skulls, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Crystals & Gems
Life themes: Humanitarian, Resucer and Healer. 
Primary: Spirit Guide Rosa
Totem: Wolf, Frog, Eagle, & Dove.
Experience with Near Death, UFOs, Interactions with Ghost, Empathic 6 sense.
Facebook Profile:  Jen Bezio


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Did you know that the Psychic Couple donates psychic reading proceeds to charity?  Purchase a reading today through eBay and have your reading proceeds go to the American Red Cross and the United Way.  We are a proud sponsors of eBay Giving Works & Mission Fish.  Client Feedback 

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